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‘Accidents Happen’ is just a cliche, unless you’re the one with the injury!

An injury resulting from any accident cannot only be painful, but often can devastate the victim financially.  As they recover, medical bills pile up while time off work cuts income to nothing.  Where the accident is preventable (e.g., falling on ice, dog bite, auto accident, etc.), victims potentially have a claim to recover expenses and, in addition, compensation for their pain and suffering.

Our team at Dodd B. Fisher is highly successful at finding who the responsible person, corporation or insurance company is and filing the proper claim against them.  Our team wins because of solid case investigation and preparation as well as a thorough knowledge of the countless rules the legal system runs on.

Our Team is successful in many areas including:

Automobile Accidents

Trucking Accidents 

Wrongful Death

Dog Bite

Slip and Fall

Let Dodd B. Fisher Law Fight For You!